2018 Entries


2018 Winners

The Cape Town Creative Academy would like to thank all learners who took part in the Young Creatives Awards 2018 for their enthusiastic participation.

A record number of artworks were entered into the competition this year.

The winners of the CTCA Study Bursaries for 2019 have been selected according to the following criteria:

  • 1. Work methodology
  • 2. Use of material
  • 3. Skill and craftsmanship
  • 4. An interview


The following study bursaries for 2019 have been awarded.

Michael Beckurts
A CTCA study bursary to the value of R30 000-00

Manon Thorpe
A CTCA study bursary to the value of R25 000-00

Angela Chen
A CTCA study bursary to the value of R15 000-00

Jodi Yotikul

A CTCA study bursary to the value of R15 000-00


The winner in each of the following categories receives R1000-00 cash. The winners have been determined solely on the online votes received.

Visual Arts Grade 12: 
Angela Chen – Beyond the borders of reality [2022 votes]

Visual Arts Grade 11:  Sézaria Grusch – Klara [1947 votes]

Visual Arts Post-School: 
India de Nobrega – Syria (Hope) [169 votes]

Design Grade 12: Angela Chen – Eunice Art Girls [661 votes]

Design Grade 11: 
Caitlin Hudson – Re-upholstered chair rendering [187 votes]

Design Post School: 
No Winner

Multimedia Grade 12: Angela Chen – Jackie Li [613 votes]

Multimedia Grade 11: No Winner

Multimedia Post School: No Winner

No winners in certain categories because of lack of substantial votes.