Application and Registration

The CTCA admits applicants based on their academic record, artistic inclination and general aptitude. The CTCA is guided by and adheres to the guidelines presented by the Department of Education and the recommendations on the National Senior Certificate regarding Higher Education and Matriculation exemption.


Applications for 2020 open in March. Since applicants have to be selected to enrol at the CTCA it is advisable to apply as soon as possible. Applications must preferably reach the CTCA before the end of November.

When you submit your application, a non-refundable application fee of R1000 must be paid. This fee will be deducted from the registration fee for students who have been accepted and register for the selected programme.

  • Applicants who are eligible for a bursary must apply for enrolment before the end of October in order to be considered. The bursary application form link will be emailed to eligible applicants.
  • Applicants who have received an acceptance letter may proceed with the registration process.

How to apply:


In order to apply at the CTCA, a candidate needs a National Senior Certificate (NSC) or an Independent Examination Board (IEB) certificate with an APS of at least 22.  Applications must include the applicant’s most recent Grade 12 academic report in order to calculate an APS according to the following values. Applicants whose qualifications were issued by an international institution must submit their qualifications to SAQA for evaluation. International applicants must submit their school-leaving certificates – translated to English – to SAQA for evaluation (www.saqa.org.za). Applicants over 23 years of age, without Matric exemption, will also be considered, based on mature or current competence (see RPL).


NSC Scale of
 Achievement Rating



7 Outstanding 80 – 100 7
6 Meritorious 70 – 79 6
5 Substantial 60 – 69 5
4 Adequate 50 – 59 4
3 Moderate 40 – 49 3
2 Elementary 30 – 39 2
1 Not Achieved 0 – 29 0

* All subjects carry equal weight. The 6 final highest achieved subject marks will be taken into account to compute the APS. (Life Orientation is excluded in accordance with general practice.)

More on calculating your score / O and A levels


Applicants must compile a portfolio of at least five of their own artworks, which may include artworks such as drawings, paintings, sculptures, photographs, animations and design projects. These artworks must be presented as either good quality photographs or scans, not exceeding 5MB each, and uploaded to the Application form.


When you submit your application, a non-refundable application fee of R1000 must be paid. This fee will be deducted from the registration fee for students who have been accepted and register for the selected programme.

Click here for the Application Form.


Account holder: Cape Town Creative Academy (Pty) Ltd
Bank: Investec Bank Limited
Branch: Grayston Drive, Sandton
Branch no: 580105
Account no: 10011 614 972
Account type: Current account
Reference: Please use the Applicant’s Name & Surname

Swift Code for international transactions: IVESZAJJXXX

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Accumulation and Transfer (CAT)

The CTCA  adheres to the principles of RPL as set forth by SAQA in the “National Policy for the Implementation of Recognition of Prior Learning” (March 2013) and the “Policy for Credit Accumulation and Transfer within the National Qualifications Framework (December 2014). 

RPL is awarded:

  • on the basis of completion, or partial completion of learning programmes in a similar vocational field, on an appropriate NQF level, or 
  • professional experience within a relevant vocational field, in the case of applicants that are 23 years of age or older.

THE CTCA provides credit accumulation and transfer (CAT) to students who wish to transfer from other institutions that offer similar programmes.

In order to apply for RPL/CAT candidates must submit: 
  • Application form (select relevant form).
  • Certified copy of ID document.
  • Complete academic transcript of all programmes, courses and modules completed.
  • Portfolio of recent work (produced in fulfilment of the requirements of a programme, course or module, or within a professional capacity).
  • Letter stating a candidate’s motivation for transferring to the CTCA.

In order to determine a candidate’s accumulated credit transfer the Academic Committee may arrange an interview with the candidate (in person or via Skype) to assess the relevance and standard of prior learning or vocational experience. In compliance with national policy, the CTCA awards a maximum of 180 credits (of the 360 necessary to complete a BA qualification) to candidates who successfully provide evidence of an appropriate level of competency and/or experience.
Due to the specialised nature of programmes offered by the CTCA, candidates might however be expected to complete specific foundation year courses, despite their completion of a first year course at another institution. In this event, candidates receive financial discount on the tuition costs of their foundation year courses.

Click here for the RPL/CAT Application Form.


How to register (South African citizens):

Once new students have received the email confirming that you have been accepted, you may register for the upcoming academic year. [Current students don’t have to be selected again, they may proceed with re-registration. The re-registration form is available on the Students page of this website.]

The CTCA offers various discounts on early payments, see COSTS. New students must preferably register by the end of November. All students must be registered by the end of January, as classes commence the first Monday of February. A penalty fee of R500 will be charged for registrations after 1 February.

The following documents must be saved on your computer as pdf to be uploaded to the Registration form.


The Contract with the terms and conditions of registration must be submitted in order for a student to be registered.
Click here to download the Contract.


The person responsible for the payment of your tuition must complete and sign the Debit Order form. Debit Orders are submitted to the bank on the 1st and the 15th of the month. Select the date that suits you best.
Click here to download the Debit Order form.


Please see COSTS for the tuition fee, registration fee, payment options and banking details. Pay the registration fee and use the student number as reference. Save the proof of payment on your computer.


Click here to fill out the Registration form. Upload the required documents to the form.

[Current students have to register for each year of enrolment. Visit the Students Page for more information.]


On receipt of all the above, you will be registered and the CTCA will email your proof of registration.


Your timetable and the CTCA academic calendar will be available in January.


Aptly known as the Mother City of South Africa, and voted the most beautiful city in the world, Cape Town welcomes visitors from across the globe.  The Cape Town Creative Academy offers students from abroad the opportunity to be part of a progressive offering shaped by the complex needs of the contemporary information economy.

In order to be considered for admission, international applicants are required to submit a certified copy of the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) Certificate of Evaluation of the applicant’s international qualifications. [This Certificate can be obtained from SAQA at www.saqa.org.za.] They must be proficient in English and meet the CTCA’s selection requirements.

International students, including students from the Southern African Development Community (SADC), are required to have study permits to study in the Republic of South Africa. You will only be registered if you have a valid temporary resident permit (i.e. a study permit). It is important to start this process early. Please visit the South African Department of Home Affairs website for information about study visa requirements (www.dha.gov.za).

In addition to the registration fee, international students (excluding students from African countries), have to pay a levy at registration. The levy is charged as follows: Year 1 = R10 000; Year 2 = R6 000 and Year 3 = R4 000.

STEP 1: Pay the application fee, complete the Application form and submit the required artworks and documents.

Click here for the Application Form.

STEP 2: Upon receiving a provisional acceptance notice you may enrol.
STEP 3: The following documents are required for registration. Save as pdf on your computer and upload to the Registration form:
  • The Contract with the terms and conditions of registration must be submitted in order for a student to be registered (signed by both student and sponsor). Click here to download the Contract.
  • Proof of payment of the registration fee and the international levy. [Please see COSTS for the tuition fee, registration fee, international levy, payment options and banking details.]
  • Certified copy of the SAQA exemption certificate.
  • Certified copies of your school leaving certificates and academic transcripts, translated into English.
  • Certified copy of your passport.
  • Valid study permit.
  • Certified copy of the identity document of parent or legal guardian.
  • Membership certificate as proof of a valid and comprehensive medical aid cover for the duration of the academic year.
STEP 4: Complete and submit the Registration form.

Click to fill out the Registration form.

Take note:
• Please make sure that the documents do not exceed 5mb per document.
• Please refer queries to info@ctca.co.za.
• No faxes will be accepted as the quality of a facsimile reproduction is not acceptable.