Course Fee Structure


BA [Communication Design]
BA [Interaction Design]
BA [Motion Design]

BA [Contemporary Art]

Tuition fee per year

R101 700

R82 500

Payable at Registration

R18 800 [registration fee*]
+ R2 900 [software license]
= R21 700

R16 500 [registration fee*]
+ R2 600 [art levy]
+ R2 900 [software license]
= R22 000

Tuition Fee Balance

R82 900

R66 000

See Payment Plans & Discounts

CD/ID/MD – Click here 

CA – Click here

Tuition fee: R101 700 + Software license: R2900 = R104 600 [CD/ID/MD]
Tuition fee: R82 500 + Art materials: R2600 + Software license: R2900 = R88 000 [CA]

Students must also budget for additional media expenses that are not included in the tuition fee.


Account holder: Cape Town Creative Academy (Pty) Ltd
Bank: Investec Bank Limited
Branch: Grayston Drive, Sandton
Branch no: 580105
Account no: 10011 614 972
Account type: Current account
Reference: Please use the Student Number

Swift Code for international transactions: IVESZAJJXXX

Application fee: NEW enrolments

When you submit your application, a non-refundable application fee of R1000 must be paid. This fee will be deducted from the registration fee for students who have been accepted and register for the selected programme. All students must be registered by the end of January, as classes commence the first Monday of February. A penalty fee of R500 will be charged for registrations after 1 February.

Registration & Tuition Fee Payment

The CTCA offers R2000 discount [full credit enrolments] or R1000 [part-credit enrolments] on the early payment of the registration fee as well as discounts on the full tuition fee, if paid in full before specific dates.

* Registration fee
– The course fee is inclusive of the registration fee.
– A registration fee must be paid for each year of enrolment and is non-refundable.
– The registration fee must be paid before classes commence.
– The registration fee is payable by electronic transfer (EFT) or bank deposit and is deducted from the course fees.
– The balance is payable either in full or over the remainder of the academic year (February – November).
** Part-credit study: Students who do not enrol for the full 120 credits in one academic year. The registration fee for part-credit studies is R17 750. Part-credit fees are determined by the number of credits a student enrols for.  Discounts apply to enrolment for at least 60 credits. Students attend the same classes as full-credit students and the content of the courses is exactly the same.
** Foreign students: In addition to the non-refundable annual registration fee, non-South African students (excluding citizens of SADC and other African countries) must pay an international levy at registration. This levy will be charged as follows: R10 000 (1st year); R6 000 (2nd year) and R4 000 (3rd year). Please note: 
If costs are incurred when money is transferred from abroad, these costs will be debited to the student’s account (between R250 and R850 per transaction).


The CTCA offers discounts on the full tuition fee, if paid in full before specific dates.

  • For Communication Design / Interaction Design / Motion Design: Click here.
  • For Contemporary Art: Click here.
– 10-Month Instalment Option

The tuition fee balance (after registration fees are paid) is payable over 10 monthly instalments (from February to November).
Instalments are interest-free, however, fees that are in arrears will bear interest.
Instalments are payable by debit order [download the form here]. Debit orders are submitted to the bank either on the 1st or the 15th of a month.

Should you have any questions regarding the tuition fees, do not hesitate to contact us.


The CTCA awards bursaries to applicants and enrolled students based on merit and academic achievement.

The following bursaries are available to South African citizens:


In order to promote the recruitment of candidates with a high academic standard, the CTCA awards bursaries to applicants with exceptional talent and outstanding academic performance. Selected candidates with an APS above 39 or with exceptional artistic talent will be invited to apply for the bursary. 

Applicants must apply for enrolment before the end of October prior to the year of study in order to be eligible for a First Year Merit Bursary.


In order to promote diversity and achieve social equity, the CTCA awards bursaries to students from historically disadvantaged backgrounds who successfully completed the selection process, but do not have the financial means to enrol for study at CTCA. Selected candidates with a minimum APS of 22 may be invited to apply.

Applicants must apply for enrolment before the end of October prior to the year of study in order to be eligible for a Transformation Bursary.


Learners who obtained 4/5 distinctions in the final Grade 12 examinations will be awarded a bursary of R7 500, and learners with 6 and more distinctions a bursary of R10 000. Life Orientation is excluded. The allocated amount will be deducted from the student’s tuition fee account in October.  Accounts that have been settled at that stage will be credited for the following academic year. Winners of any other CTCA bursary will not be eligible for a Grade 12 Performance Bursary. Final Grade 12 certificates must be submitted to the CTCA Administration before the end of January in order to qualify for the bursary.


• Bursaries are only awarded to South African citizens.
• Only applicants who adhere to the selection requirements of the CTCA are eligible for bursaries.
• Bursaries may not be exchanged for cash.
• Bursaries are not transferable to another person.
No student may benefit from more than one type of bursary per year. This includes any bursary awarded by the CTCA as a prize for a competition.
• Bursaries are only valid for studies at the Cape Town Creative Academy.
• Bursaries are only valid for the year awarded.
• Bursaries may not be transferred to another year.
• Bursaries are awarded at the sole discretion of the CTCA management.
• First year bursaries are only available for two years after obtaining a Grade 12 certificate.
• The bursary amount awarded and accepted must be repaid if a student fails or cancels his/her studies.

Should you have any questions regarding the bursaries, do not hesitate to contact us at info@ctca.co.za.


Apart from applying for bursaries, you can save a substantial amount on your study fees by the early payment of fees. See Payment Plans & Discounts.


When applying for a student loan at any major South African Bank, please refer to our accreditation reference with the Department of Higher Education and Training: Department of Higher Education and Training: No 2014/HE07/009. The bank representatives are welcome to request a copy of the Certificate of Accreditation by contacting us at info@ctca.co.za

If you are interested in applying for a Student Loan through a facilitator who can assist with the bank application,  please contact Elize Eglington at bankloans@ctca.co.za

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