Motion Design

Motion Design

SAQA ID: 93545
CHE Reference No: H/PR624/E003
NQF Level: 7
[360 credits over 3 years]

This degree integrates both theoretical and practical components in order to equip students with creative thinking strategies, understanding of the principles of narratology and technical knowledge necessary to deliver professional audiovisual outcomes within a time-based medium.

The programme is grounded in the foundation of audiovisual storytelling and motion graphics, which includes an understanding of the relevant software and tools of the trade. Students are introduced to basic camera techniques, and practice the careful integration of different media, including images, footage, typography and sound towards a well-defined outcome. They are also introduced to the principles and workflow of 3D animation.

Students are expected to use a process of research, conceptualisation, creative problem solving and critical thinking, to develop their own screenplays for either film or animation. Students are also trained in the principles of business practice and conduct, within a creative environment.

Students who complete this programme should be able to find employment in the following sectors:

  • Corporate and Commercial Videography
  • 3D Animation for Film and Television
  • Motion Graphics
  • Special Effects for Film and Television
  • Architectural and Virtual Simulation