Communication Design

Communication Design

SAQA ID: 93546
CHE Reference No: H/PR624/E001
NQF Level: 7
[360 credits over 3 years]

This programme is largely based on a critical approach to integrated marketing communications that will assist students in the production of functional communicative outcomes aimed at specific target audiences. In the programme, students will be expected to investigate the economic, ecological and socio-cultural climate within which they conduct their communication. The aim of the programme includes developing an attitude of responsibility and a focus on sustainability within the practice of communication design.

This programme helps students develop a personal design philosophy and creative voice. It also provides students with proficient design management strategies, in order to ensure that they develop the capability to function optimally in the design profession. Students are equipped with the necessary entrepreneurial knowledge and skills to ensure that they are able to function as self-sufficient professionals that answer to the needs of the industry, as well as of the national economy. Students are provided with the relevant knowledge of intellectual property management and law, in order to ensure the successful control of their creative outputs.

Students who complete this programme should be able to find employment in the following sectors:

  • Graphic Design
  • Publication and Editorial Design
  • Corporate Identity Design and Brand Management
  • Advertising