Interaction Design

Interaction Design

SAQA ID: 91116
CHE Reference No: H/PR624/E002
NQF Level: 7
[360 credits over 3 years]

This degree prepares students for a career in the design and implementation of media for various platforms such as web, mobile, tablet and touch-screen. Students are presented with the various applications, workflow methodologies and coding languages that are necessary to successfully develop media for on-screen communication.

This programme focuses primarily on human-computer interactive interfaces for both web-based platforms, as well as mobile and small-screen applications. Students are expected to critically investigate the strategic bases of interaction design. Critical thinking is encouraged through the investigation of consumer behaviour and integrated marketing communications, in order to ensure that students master the capability to deliver critical, market-related interactive solutions.

Interaction design explores a wide range of digital environments, as well as the relevant design challenges that accompany them. The core components include the principles of digital brand presence and management, design for broadcast and touch-screen technologies, as well as database management. The theoretical framework of this programme is located within the principles of User Experience Design, which serves as a fundamental foundation for all practical projects. Students are also trained in the principles of business practice and conduct, within a creative environment.

Students who complete this programme should be able to find employment in the following sectors:

  • Web Design and Development
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Application Development
  • User Experience Design