Frequently Asked Questions



When can I apply?

You can apply any time during the year. Since you have to be selected to study at the CTCA, it is advisable to apply before the end of November.

How do I apply to study at the CTCA?

The application process is completed online. All the steps are explained on the Admissions page.

I don’t know what to study. Can somebody give me some advice?

Yes, please email or phone 021 20 111 50 and ask for a student adviser to contact you.

What does it cost to apply?

Applications are free of charge.

I did O levels; how do I apply?

Study the selection criteria for A/O levels and see if you adhere to the requirements on the Admissions page.

When is the application deadline?

Since you have to be selected to study at the CTCA, it is advisable to apply before the end of November. Late applications will be considered until the end of January. If you are eligible for a bursary, you have to be accepted as a student by the end of October of the year preceding the year of enrolment.

Do I have to take Art or Design as a subject at school in order to qualify for application?

Visual Art or Design is not required for admission, although you need to be creatively inclined.

When do classes start?

Classes commence 6 February 2017. New 1st years will attend an orientation day on Friday 3 February.

Does the degree receive international recognition?

Many countries require additional examination or other assessments to allow graduates from South Africa. No degree is automatically accepted overseas, including our highly regarded medical and engineering degrees. Fortunately designers have visual proof of their skills in the form of a portfolio. A professional portfolio will be the gateway for students to enter the international design world. CTCA students are guaranteed to exit their studies, not only with an accredited degree, but also with a professional portfolio.

What are the careers I can follow after completing the degree/s?

Career opportunities are available in the following industries: graphic design and advertising; digital, new- and multimedia; audiovisual and television, as well as contemporary art. For more information refer to “How CTCA programmes equip students” on the About page.

How do I apply for a bursary?

Applicants must be accepted as students before the end of October. Applicants who meet the requirements for a CTCA bursary are invited to apply and provided with a link to an online bursary application form. Interviews and selection will be conducted during the first week of November and applicants will be notified of the outcome by mid-November.  Information on the bursaries offered by the CTCA is available on the Costs page.

When will applicants know if they have been selected for study at the CTCA?

The Selection Panel will assess your application and the CTCA will inform you of the outcome via email within two weeks.

Do you have a student residence or dorm?

Unfortunately the CTCA doesn’t offer student accommodation at this stage. We do however provide a list of possible student accommodation in Cape Town on request. The campus is easily accessible by public transport as the MyCiti bus stop for the 261 Route is right at the entrance of the Biscuit Mill.

Where do I get the application form?

The online application form is available on the Admissions page. Make sure you submit the required documents as well.

How do I calculate my APS?

A conversion table is available on the Admissions page.

When do I qualify for a discount?

Please visit our Costs page. There are various ways in which you could save on your study fees.

Can applicants apply for student loans?

Yes. For more information about student loans click here.

I have not yet passed Matric, which marks do I send?

You may apply with your latest Grade 12 marks.

Why should I study at the CTCA?

  • The CTCA offers small group attention and singular guidance by lecturers that will develop and hone the individual student’s unique capabilities.
  • The programmes have been developed with a close understanding of the industry’s needs.
  • The CTCA focuses on the entrepreneurial and business acumen development of students as we realise that those skills are as crucial as the students’ creative inclination.
  • The CTCA delivers well-rounded professionals with work ethics and business acumen to make a difference in the creative arena.
  • The CTCA  seamlessly combines the following essential components in our training: creativity, innovation and business skills.